A Love Note For Abby on Her 162nd Birthday

Her light first began shining brightly on January 15, 1857. I’ve been in love with her for nearly six years, when I met her on a beautiful summer day in September 2013.

She’s a force of nature: the tallest lighthouse in the Garden State of New Jersey. And the third tallest in the United States.

She is Absecon Lighthouse, and at 162, she still draws people to her beauty.

It’s a magical climb up 228 steps. Abby welcomes you with open arms, thanks to her volunteer lightkeepers who greet you with an “I Saw The Light” congratulatory card when you’ve reached the top.

But don’t just take my word for it. Visit sweet Abby in Atlantic City, and you’ll fall in love with her just like I did.

Happy birthday, Abby! Continue lighting the way.


Come Along on a Lighthouse Journey With Me

It’s winter time. You might be snowed in, and looking for the perfect book to curl up with. My very first e-book, Journey to The Light: The Adventures of a Lighthouse Enthusiast, is just for you!

Come along on a journey with me as I recount my early visits to lighthouses in New Jersey and Maryland.

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