Giving The Gift of Lighthouses

I’m blessed to have people in my life who are thoughtful enough to indulge my love of lighthouses.  Through the years, I have received replicas of lighthouses, a lighthouse picture now hanging on a wall at home, and other gifts representing my fascination with these aids to navigation.

Today, a co-worker presented me with a magnificent picture of Montauk Lighthouse in Long Island, New York.  Montauk was authorized in 1792, by the Second Congress under President George Washington.  Immediately, I knew that I had to add Montauk to my list of lighthouses that I want to visit.


Above: A picture of Montauk Lighthouse I received from a co-worker today.

Last year, another co-worker presented me with a specially made lighthouse pillow featuring lighthouses in Bermuda, Nova Scotia, and other locations.

Also last year, another co-worker randomly found a 2016 lighthouse calendar, thought about me, and bam! I had another lighthouse gift to add to my collection.

How sweet it is to be surrounded by such amazing people. Some of whom may not be lighthouse afficianados themselves, but often bless me when they find a lighthouse item they think I will enjoy.


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