Here’s Looking At You, Fresnel Lens

Today’s post is all about the fresnel lens.

The Fresnel Lens was developed by French physicist Augustin Fresnel.

You can read more about the fresnel lens in the book A Short Brght Flash by Theresa Levitt: A Short Bright Flash

This was my view of the first-order fresnel lens at Absecon lighthouse in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 20, 2014.

2014-09-20 14.47.38




And this was my capture of the fourth-order fresnel lens inside the tower room at Drum Point lighthouse in Solomons, Maryland on September 22, 2014.

2014-09-22 13.28.55 HDR

Finally, from inside the museum beside Drum Point lighthouse, a section dedicated to lighthouses and the fresnel lens.

2014-09-22 12.38.32 HDR